WHO NEEDS EXODUS – These 2 top KODI ADD-ONS are BACK and way BETTER !! (2017

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WHO NEEDS EXODUS – These 2 top KODI ADD-ONS are BACK and way BETTER !! (2017



WHO NEEDS EXODUS – These 2 top KODI ADD-ONS are BACK and way BETTER !!

install URL – http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/

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  1. Mad Sin says

    Elysium is the only addon that works good for thw time being. real movies works well too

  2. Sue Robinson says

    can I please say, not trying to be rude, but why??? do you have to go on & on for 3 & a half minutes before you actually get to what we all came here to find out????? Seriously! We all know how to subscribe & do all that other crap…we don't like to have our time wasted listening to long winded videographers talking about everything except what we are trying to find out. 99% of us just want to find out how to fix something as fast as we can! Again, I don't mean to sound rude but I just can't take any more of these types of "help" videos! I will say you're not as bad as that FreeTv guy who spouts off for his his entire 5 minute video about being fed up with people asking how to fix this same issue when all he had to say was the addons are gone!

  3. Jeremy Phipps says

    don't listen to these fool's you are awesome keep up the hard work I appreciate you and if you have friends helping time and effort posting stuff like this

  4. DRW42 says

    I like Cartoon8 for the anime shows but it is not working and I don't know anymore addons for anime. can you help

  5. Jhoanna L says

    Installed and followed your direction step-by-step. Elysium is working flawlessly(Thank you☺)except BOB'S file is empty🙁 And also if you could help me with subtitles😉 Some movies/tv shows needs some subtitles. TIA

  6. Travis Nicolle says

    Installs went fine. When comes to selecting a provider for a movie, I click on a provider but the movie doesn't play….?? What do I do??

  7. Hanna Dobson says

    i still get cannot connect to network, cant retrieve directory info etc. what do i do? re installed Kodi repository not working please help

  8. thebraininsideahead says

    i'm not watching any of this persons videos none of this works hes click baiting . this is equivalent to a survey website he gets views.

  9. Donna Stankavich says

    I still love Exodus!  Set up to automatically play movies within 30 seconds of clicking on it.  It still works beautifully!

  10. Lou Trocola says

    wtf? evertime i get to "install" it shuts kodi down. kodi is fuckin up bad. Guessing its time to try Led tv apk. been using kodi for a long time and now all units i have it on are acting like shit- very disapointing.

  11. ObeyDeadly says

    Failed to install dependency is this no longer working? seems like everything good is no longer working…

  12. Adam Orona says

    idc what addon as long as i can actually watch movies that are out in theaters at home.. i have all these addons and i still cant even watch the wall on my kodi 😠 well exodus didnt work for me.. and neither does any other addon on watching movies that are in theaters..

  13. Anna Melchor says

    Can't install Elysium . Bob installed but it's empty. But I just checked exodus and it's working fine on another device but not at all on the older firestick! Can anyone make any sense of this?!

  14. Alton Howard says

    You suck and you go to fast and don't explain shit properly stop thinking everybody knows this or that we all aren't nerds sitting in front of a monitor letting life pass by if you can't do these types of vids in laymen's terms then stop fucking doing them.

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