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Check out this video!! Credits : VISIT THE CHANNEL
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This APK is a must for every cord cutters dream. Movies & TV Shows. Works super fast! 720 / 1080p quality it even includes 3D movies Wow!

Grab it here:

This will allow you to watch FREE movies on you android box
Fire Stick , Fire TV supported for this APK works awesome!!!

Free TV shows.
Watch free movies
watch free movies online and do more!



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  1. TC says

    It says to install New Player when I tried to play a movie. I'm on a FireTV. Not sure what Player needs to be installed. I don't see Combo Player in Aptoide. Do you have a link for the player we need to install?

  2. Bill Solomon says

    Where did you get that set top box from? It's not on there site??? Thanks for the info. on this service.

  3. brent shanahan says

    No Pause, Rewind, FF or any features at all?!?
    I'm using Fire TV btw. Do I need a "Player"? If so, which one works on Fire TV

  4. John Stack says

    Today it seems to be fully workibg. Maybe the site just went down yesterday. So try it again today.

  5. Jay THEDOGSS says

    hi bro great video , i get "sorry thus video can not be played" on every video even through vpn lol
    speak soon bro

  6. Michael M says

    My question to you is. What emulator are you using? I've been looking for a good one to use on Windows.

  7. SexyPiscean says

    Hi there….thank you for this apk review. Unfortunately, I am not able to play anything from this apk. I also tuned into your review of the 123Netflix Apk and I'm having the same issue. I cannot access anything on it either. I'm using a Matricom g2 box on my Sony Bravia Android TV. Is there something else I should be installing to get either of these apks to work? I will say that on 123Netflix I can at least HEAR the movie in the background, but I cannot see anything. On the OneBox apk, I cannot see or hear anything.

  8. dave rugar says

    Every video I try to play it says cannot play video, I even downloaded the player and restarted. still nothing. it dosent work for me

  9. Brian Howe says

    I downloaded this apk… watched one movie.. and now I get cannot play video on anything I try.. any ideas?

  10. Ian A. says

    Has anyone had luck on the firestick? I am on the website with ES Explorer but I click the google play and nothing will download/ Am I doing something wrong?

  11. Saad Khan says

    downloaded the apk on my firetv but I did not get the option to download the combo player so when I try to run the video nothing work.. Do you know how to download the combo player on firetv

  12. Silviu Popescu says

    it's funny … the only video that plays is Shawswap Redemption…the one from your video….the rest of movies that you try gives the message: CAN'T PLAY THIS VIDEO

  13. Silviu Popescu says

    tx man…u r the best….what is ur favorite apk for IPTV … canadian, us, and international TV…cheers

  14. kristi8431 says

    Not a fan of this APK at all. It's just like everything else out there but doesn't work as well.

  15. John Stack says

    Worked realky great on my galaxy s5 phone… BUT, getting error video cant play, when installed on QBOX 4K Android box, even with Combo iplayer installed. Advice?

  16. Mike Jimenez says

    Hi I was wondering if you could show me how to get this app on my fire stick please thank you

  17. Robert Martinez says

    created a quick video first video I have made on YouTube so not the greatest but I hope it helps you all

  18. Papa McCheese says

    You're always helping the community… Looks a lot like MegaBox.. maybe a clone.. either way.. thx NT

  19. mariam glenn says

    Continuous thanks. Is there IPTV I didn't hear. also I want to say, I like to see people helping one another on here !

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