Kodi in Crisis – What Addons are Still Working?

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Kodi in Crisis – What Addons are Still Working?



Kodi in Crisis – June 9th, 2017. What addons are still working? Here I go over, in real time, adding of sources and seeing which essential 3rd party Kodi addons are still working. There’s been a huge implosion of addons this week and we’re still feeling the after shocks. Let me know in the comments what is still working for you and any updates that are out there.


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  1. Lucixir says

    I tried following your directions per exactly how you did and nothing seems to work anywhere near the way it was in your video. None of those repos would install from a ZIP, most didnt even have anything listed under any of them. The few that I have, Wolfpack 1.2 display Repo Unknown and give no options to start or run the addon.

    Being new to KODI, this seems really fucked up and no videos that I find demonstrate anything as the current version is and not a god damn thing seems to work in this piece of shit program that seems to not do a fucking thing.

    So am I just late to the party and KODI is a pointless, worthless piece of shit that does absolutely nothing now? Fuck, at this point I would buy something or a service if that even seemed to exist in here. All I see at this point is stupid menus that lead to no where and do nothing, yet all of this is suppose to play video some how? 2 weeks of trying to follow videos that dont explain shit, or show shit that is how the newest version of Kodi actually is and cant get a simple damn video to play anywhere.

  2. fakebrake says

    I am using some build of the month from February. I can still watch what I want but a lot of the sources are gone.

  3. Robert Kocialski says

    recently I tried to download Wookie, failed. Tried it 8 times failed. Tried your Indigo failed, tried it for 2 1/2 hours failed. my Kodi is working but in Exodus Discovery Channel is empty. Any ideas. Thank you.

  4. agmc4me says

    I can get to the ZIP file page then nothing happens in fusion? Going to try some of your others when I get home. Anyone having the fusion zip being empty? Thanks

  5. A 1014 says

    I got noobsandnerds to work which repository noobsandnerds Repo 1.7 zip ?

  6. Gary Thomas says

    Do a fresh start Upgraded to codynolimits 17 Krypton. (install the New metalkettle), EXODUS and UK TURKS runs perfect.

  7. Hassan KN says

    My add-ons all disappeared 2 days ago and can no longer reinstall Fusion. I keep getting the message "Couln't retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected…."
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  8. mike pan says

    Any update on ZEN Addon ? In past all Indian TV channels was working but not anymore

  9. Jonathan Richmond says

    hi uk turks is back up its not with tv addons any more the new url is http://matsbuilds.uk/turkrepo 13/6/2017 it works great but when installing from zipfile sometimes it takes 2 to 3 gos to get the repository to appear its called UKTURK-1.0.3 enjoy its back since the 8th of june but i only found the url today thanks to the kodi community sharing the knowledge.

  10. iLove Philly says

    Adding repositories is not the problem, we want to see what repo's still work. Now that you've added several, lets see if something plays. I think this is the beginning of the end for KODI. I've been a loyal customer for like 9 years back when it was XBMC and SuperRepo was the go to source for addons. You had to add the repo's individually the LLOONNGG WWAAYY, who remembers that. Anyway, RIP Kodi. NEXT!

  11. Lloyd Reife says

    I'm a so-so movie fan. The stick is for the NFL. Exodus is still up and running. Sports Devil? Wiped out.

  12. Ken Luzar says

    Do you like the ares wizard? Do you use wizards? or is that not a good idea?

  13. African Man says

    I'm getting "failed to install add on from Zipfile" when I try to install from zip file. Any help?

  14. Charlie Media says

    GONE …. 17.0 On any F/Stick With Exodus Works Well Along With These 3 Greats …. Nice One 10/10 Vid That Works Good On My F/Stick & New Droid Box On 6.0 Firmwares ….Cheers

    Phoenix (closed)

    DOJO Streams (Closing)

    F.t.f.a (closed)

    Bamf (closed)

    Zem (closed live tv – VOD available)

    Silent hunter (content moved)

    Deliverence (closed)

    Ccloud (speculation)

    Salts (speculation)

    One128 (closed)

    Reaper (closed)

    Cerburus (closed)

    BOB (issues with NAN site it's not closed)

    Zen (issues with NAN site it's not closed)

    Just for him (closed)

    Les be friends (closed)

    Mporn (closed)

    News12 (closed)

    Skynet ( being phased out) 

    Evolve (live tv and sport gone – rest working)

    SRTVHUB (being taken over)

    UK Turks (live Streams taaken down)

  15. earl carter says

    I want live TV programming! I want ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, SEC Network, FOX NEWS CHANNEL! How do I GET this Programming Online without having to pay a Satellite or Cable Co. or Online provider!

  16. John Smith says

    Phoenix is shut down and alot of Resposites are not working but i find that some builds have working links but some dont work

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