**Install BMan Media 17 Fork**Kodi 17 fork**With Wizard**

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**Install BMan Media 17 Fork**Kodi 17 fork**With Wizard**



**Install BMan Media 17 Fork**Kodi 17 fork**With Wizard**

BMan Media 17 is a fork of Kodi 17 (Currently 17.3)
With the BMan Media 17 Wizard already installed for easy access to MBMan 17 Version Builds.

This will run beside Kodi, Both apps can be installed on the same device.


Watch This video to install Kodi, SPMC and BManMC to Andriod and Fire Devices

Watch This Video if installing MBManTech Wizard to a Fresh Clean Empty Kodi or other Media Center.

Watch This Video to Install BManMC APK

Visit http://mbmantech.com to download Media Center APK’s, Kodi, SPMC, and BManMC ( kodi 16.1 fork with MBManTech Wizard Installed)

Other Links that can be used to install Kodi / SPMC / and other Forked Media Center APK’s ( Including FireMC apk )

Add Source Wizard Link

FaceBook Support Group

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  1. justin evans says

    While the "Host" is down for MBManTV, I'd like to take a min an thank MBMan for creating what I believe to one of the best builds for Kodi, both beautiful and user friendly! Not only that but all the other offerings he has on his site that makes life that much easier for all of us! …Mad props to MBMan!!!

  2. Javier Hernandez says

    I need help someone, my fire stick says webpage not available due to error name not resolved????? I double checked my spelling. Am I doing something wrong or missing a step??

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