How to Create Your Own Kodi Repository

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How to Create Your Own Kodi Repository



A slightly different version from TK being that he uses FileZilla in his vid and I don’t. Still, majority of the credit for the files and original info goes to him.


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  1. MzKodiFire says

    Hi John, I was going over your video and you had Excalibur file in there, that file wasn't in my files.

  2. Ultra TV says

    Great Video. Thank you so much. Only 1 small problem I have. My icon for the repo doesn't show. Called it icon.png and tried 256×256 and 512×512 and uploaded to my repo folder. My addons icon works and the repo itself works just no icon. Any ideas please to what I can check to get my repo icon working?

  3. Cosmo Boogiecat says

    thanks so much – I appreciate you putting up info about kodi that is more than just the latest greatest addon like many others do – subscribed

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